The Retrofit Chicago Energy Challenge has been featured in local, national, and international media.

Retrofit Chicago Energy Challenge is Expanding

In July 2016, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a commitment to expanding the total number of Chicago Energy Challenge building participants to 80 by mid-2017 due to the ongoing success of the program since launching in 2012. Property owners and managers from any building in Chicago are welcome to join the Challenge, regardless of property size or building type. The Energy Challenge now includes faith-based organizations, educational facilities, nonprofit institutions, commercial buildings, multifamily residential properties, and more.

Participants receive recognition for their leadership through City-issued or partner communications, and are eligible to win additional awards at the annual Retrofit Chicago Awards & Celebration. Participants also gain access to additional support for achieving improved levels of energy efficiency.

All participating property teams pledge to reduce energy use by 20% over five years at their properties, with a baseline that can be set up to two years in the past. The commitment also includes a pledge to begin the path towards improving energy efficiency within 6 months of joining the program; tracking progress; and sharing successes.

There is no fee to become a member, and the enrollment process involves sending an official letter of commitment to the City.
To learn more about the program and more specifics on how to enroll, please send an email to: