Asylum Seekers in Chicago

Since August 30, 2022, the State of Texas has bused asylum seekers through private charter buses to Chicago at regular intervals. During the last several months, Texas officials dispatched buses with hundreds of migrants to Chicago, Washington D.C., and New York City. While most asylum seekers are from Venezuela, individuals and families are also from all over the world, including countries from Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. To date, 5,146 individuals have been sent to Chicago on 108 buses chartered by the states of Texas and Colorado.

The City of Chicago has also seen an increase in asylum seekers arriving through other modes of transportation, often without resources. NGOs and local governments along the border purchase airline or bus tickets to other cities like Chicago without any coordination. To date, an additional 1,598 individuals have sought shelter and services for new arrivals.

As a Welcoming City, we have a responsibility to provide access to shelter, food, and medical care to everyone regardless of immigration status. Many of our new arrivals have walked hundreds of miles, navigating great danger through multiple countries, in pursuit of safety and opportunity in the United States. We are committed to assisting each family and individual, providing human services with respect and dignity.