What is the TIFWorks Manufacturing Program model?

The TIFWorks Manufacturing Program model is a training grant available to eligible manufacturing businesses located in authorized TIF districts. It is similar to a matching grant in which the business pays for a small percentage of eligible training costs, in this case 25%, while the City of Chicago is able to reimburse for 75% of eligible training costs.

Interested businesses must complete a short application with a quick review process. The grant is administered by approved Local Industrial Retention Initiatives (LIRIs). LIRI staff can provide technical assistance with the application process.

What businesses are eligible to apply?

  • This program is targeted at manufacturing or industrial businesses.
  • Applicants must be located in an authorized manufacturing program model Tax Increment Finance (TIF) district. 
  • Employees to be trained must be in full-time, permanent positions. Employee wages must be at least minimum wage or higher (per Chicago’s Minimum Wage Ordinance).
  • Applicants must have no existing TIFWorks grants outstanding.

What TIF districts are authorized for the manufacturing program model?

  • 35th/Halsted 
  • 47th/Halsted 
  • Galewood/Armitage Industrial 
  • Greater Southwest Industral (West) 
  • Kinzie Industrial Corridor 
  • Midway Industrial Corridor 
  • Northwest Industrial Corridor 
  • Peterson/Pulaski 
  • Pulaski Industrial Corridor

Businesses can use the TIFWorks Address Locator Tool to see if they are located in one of these TIF districts.

My TIF district is not on this list, but I am interested in TIFWorks. Why isn’t TIFWorks offered in more TIFs for all businesses?

DPD is working to enhance the TIFWorks program to increase efficiency and serve more businesses.

The full TIFWorks program is expected to launch in 2024. However, due to the continuous interest in this program and capacity constraints, DPD decided to start with a small soft launch of the program focusing on the manufacturing sector. When the full TIFWorks program launches, it will be open to more TIF districts and a wider range of industry sectors.

What is the maximum grant amount?

The maximum grant award is up to $50,000, which can be used to train existing employees, to train new hires who are also Chicago residents, or a combination of both. For new hires, this grant covers up to $7,500 in on-the-job training for every new hire.