Shared Housing Registration and Accommodations Licensing

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Shared Housing Host


Shared Housing Registration Numbers

All shared housing units are required to have an approved Registration Number to list on a platform. The House Share Registration Portal is where hosts begin the registration process by submitting an application for a Registration Number. Hosts must submit an application to receive determination of eligibility. For more information about registration numbers, see the Registration Number FAQ.


Apply For a Registration Number

Common Eligibility Requirements:

Single Family Home

  • Must be Primary Residence
  • Maximum 1 active rental  

Building With 2-4 Units

  • Must be Primary Residence
  • Maximum 1 active rental

Building With 5 or More Units

  • Does not need to be Primary Residence
  • Maximum of one-quarter of total number of dwelling units or 6 rental units, whichever is less.

Shared Housing Unit Operator License (SHUOL)

A shared housing host must obtain a Shared Housing Unit Operator License if approved for more than one registration. You can apply for the Shared Housing Unit Operator’s License at Chicago Business Direct.

For more information about the Shared Housing Unit Operator License, see the SHUOL FAQs

Shared Housing Internet Platforms


Short Term Residential Rental Intermediary
A Short Term Residential Rental Intermediary is a person or company who for compensation or a fee uses an internet platform to connect guests with short term residential rental providers, and who primarily lists shared housing units on its platform. A Short Term Residential Rental Intermediary must apply and collect hotel accommodation tax and submit it to the City as part of each rental transaction facilitated through the platform.



Shared Housing Registration Portal
Shared Housing Host Ordinance
Shared Housing Intermediary Ordinance
Prohibited Building List – Inclusion
Prohibited Buildings List – Removal
Current Prohibited Buildings List
City Clerk Restricted Residential Zones
File a Complaint
Appeal Form
Commissioner Adjustment Applications with Instructions
Commissioner Adjustment Application with Instructions (Spanish) - Solicitud de Modificación del Comisionado con Instrucciones
Shared Housing Registration Application and Commissioner’s Adjustment Rules




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