For Grantees


Change of Information/Contact

To update/change/add any information to your or your organization’s profile, please log into Cybergrants with the e-mail and password with which you had previously registered. If you forgot or need assistance, please contact Cybergrants at the bottom of the page, or contact the Grants Team.

Recognition and Logos

All grant recipients must acknowledge DCASE in online and print materials during the grant period relevant to the award received. Access detailed recognition guidelines and DCASE logos for this purpose.


All grant recipients will be required to complete one or more reports through the online CyberGrants system. The reports will require your organization to provide the City with updates on the accomplishment of activities related to the funded project or, for CityArts grant recipients, the organization’s work, and an accounting of grant funds expended. You will receive a notification email when the report(s) is available for completion in CyberGrants; each email will contain the online website link to each report.

Know that we are eager for an opportunity to experience your work first hand. Please continue to keep us informed about any events, exhibitions, showings, classes, or other opportunities for us to experience your work, and especially the funded project over the course of this year.




Raisin In The Sun (Timeline Theater)