eProcurement is a full service purchasing system that allows delegate agencies to:

  • Manage Delegate Agency information and account details
  • Review and Respond to RFP solicitations & upload required Information
  • Submit proposals/applications
  • Submit payments/Vouchers
  • Communicate with Departments
Note:  Failure to register will impact the delegate agency’s ability to conduct business with the City of Chicago, as there will be significant delays when requesting payment.

Registration Requirements

The Department of Procurement Services (DPS) manages the iSupplier registrations. All delegate agencies are required to register under the iSupplier portal at iSupplier allows  delegate agencies to manage their online profile, respond to proposals, receive notifications, submit contract documents, and submit payments.

All vendors must have a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and an IRS W9 for registration and confirmation of vendor business information.

1. New Vendors – Must Register at:

2. Existing Vendors – Must Request an iSupplier Invitation using your Complete Company Name and City of Chicago Supplier Number at

eProcurement RFP Requirements

All funding opportunities will be posted at:

General Requirements

All Delegate Agencies are required to upload and maintain an active status for the following documents in the iSupplier portal:

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Insurance
  • SAM Registration Status
  • State Good Standing Letter
  • Board of Directors
  • Financial Statements (updated annually)
  • Most Recent Audit Information
  • Signature Authorizations
  • Cost Allocation Plan (if indirect cost is included)


Functions and Roles:

  • Delegate Agency - Register Organization, Maintain Organization Information in iSupplier, Research RFP Solicitations and submit proposals.
  • DPS - Register Delegate Agencies in iSupplier.
  • OBM - Manage Delegate Agency eProcurement Process, Provide Technical Assistance and Training.
  • Delegate Department - Develop and Manage RFPs and Programs.

Who to Contact for Assistance

Questions on Registration:

eProcurement for Delegate Agencies:

Training Materials (Documents and Videos):



iSupplier Workshops & Events: