Commercial Business Requirements & Recycling

The Chicago Residential and Commercial recycling ordinance (MCC 11-5-210 and 11-5-220) requires private haulers to maintain complete and accurate records with the following information:

  1. the total tonnage of recyclable material collected by the private hauler from the totality of the private hauler’s refuse collection customers within the city during each calendar year;
  2. the name and address of each facility to which the private hauler delivered any percentage of such collected recyclable material during each calendar year;
  3. the percentage of recyclable material delivered each calendar year by the private hauler to each facility identified pursuant to item (2) above; and
  4. any other information that the Commissioner may require in duly promulgated rules. The records required under MCC 11-5-210 and 11-5-220 shall be kept on file by the private hauler for a period of three years. Any recycling hauler operating within the boundaries of the City of Chicago shall submit an annual Recycling Hauler Report to the Department of Streets and Sanitation. This report must be completed and submitted in its entirety by February 28th of each year.