CAP Materials

CAP Materials

The impacts of a changing climate require solutions as diverse as the City’s 77 community areas. With more than 10 years of new research and technology since Chicago’s first climate action plan in 2008, now is the time to update the city’s climate targets and drive meaningful funding to benefit individual Chicagoans and communities. To learn more about the 2022 Climate Action Plan (CAP), explore this page with the full report and other supporting documents for you and your community.


In August 2022, President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), representing the most transformative climate and energy law to pass in US history. The IRA invests $369 billion to support the urgent need for a just transition to clean energy and a greener economy across the country.

Through an influx of capital through potential federal grants and tax credits, the IRA can directly help communities reach and exceed their carbon reduction targets. The IRA could bring Chicago’s emissions reduction target to 67% by 2040, 5% more than original projections. Learn more in the CAP addendum, Impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act on Chicago's 2022 Climate Action Plan.

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Chicago's new climate goals set a course to reduce the city's carbons emissions 62% by 2040. Anchored in values of economic inclusion and savings, pollution burden reduction, and equitable access to critical infrastructure and community health and resilience, the 2022 CAP prioritizes delivering meaningful community benefits and system improvements as the City continues to lead on climate.

The results are in! This year, Chicagoans were invited to share their climate priorities- and they delivered! From interactive virtual town halls, two online surveys, facilitated conversations with community partners, and comments on the draft plan, over 2,100 Chicagoans from 70+ community areas helped shape the format and content of the plan. Here are the top priorities from the Fund Your Future activity. 

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