Past Plans

Chicago Climate Action Plan:  Our City. Our Future

In 2008 the City of Chicago launched one of the most ambitious climate action planning processes in the nation, engaging residents and experts alike. Through this process, leading scientists and a nationally recognized research advisory committee were consulted to develop various scenarios for Chicago’s climate future and develop strategies and goals for reducing emissions and adapting to changes already affecting the City and region. 


Sustainable Chicago 2015 Action Agenda

The Sustainable Chicago Action Agenda represents Mayor Emanuel's vision to make our city more livable, competitive, and sustainable.  The plan, which launched in 2012, outlines 7 themes, 24 goals, and 100 concrete actions that comprise a clear commitment to leadership, partnership, and positive impact. The plan also offers a roadmap for how residents and businesses can contribute to Chicago's ambitious sustainability goals.


Resilient Chicago

Resilient Chicago seeks to creating a more connected city where residents, neighborhoods, institutions, corporations, and government agencies are successfully connected in pursuit of economic opportunity, safety, security, and sustainability for all.

Resilient Chicago is organized into three resilience pillars – Strong Neighborhoods, Robust Infrastructure, and Prepared Communities – and establishes 12 goals and 50 actions the city can take to support these pillars.


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