The Committee on Committees and Rules shall have jurisdiction over the Rules of Order and Procedure, the procedures of the Council and its committees, including disputes over committee jurisdiction and referrals, ward redistricting, elections and referenda, committee assignments, the conduct of Council members, the provision of services to the City Council body; matters affecting the City Clerk; and council service agencies, except the City Council Legislative Reference Bureau referenced in Rule 1. The Committee shall also have jurisdiction with regard to all corrections to the Journal of the Proceedings of the City Council.

Public Comment and Written Public Comment

Individuals attending the Committee on Committees and Rules' meeting in-person or virtually will have an opportunity to provide public comments. Persons who cannot attend the committee meeting in-person or virtually, may submit public comments regarding any matter on the agenda for consideration at the meeting.  All written public comment may be sent via electronic mail to committeeoncommitteesandrules@cityofchicago.org prior to the meeting. Specific deadlines to sign up for or submit public comment are detailed on the Notice of meeting.  Public comments received prior to the meeting will not be read during the meeting and will be forwarded to all committee members and aldermen for review in advance of the meeting and will remain a part of the permanent meeting record.