Chicago Complete Streets

Chicago Complete Streets

Transforming our streets into safe, equitable, inviting spaces for all - regardless of age, ability, or travel mode. CDOT’s Complete Streets work is built upon three strategic pillars: 

Street Design

Redesigning streets to reflect the different ways people move around Chicago.

Community Dialogue

Building partnerships and elevating lived experiences.

Mobility Data

Using data to identify, evaluate, and prioritize investments. 

Complete Streets Programs

Complete Streets benefit all modes of transportation – walking, biking, rolling, public transit, and driving – by making our streets safer and more accessible for everyone. Complete Streets are implemented across the following programs.

Drawing of person walking in crosswalk with bus and car surrounding
Traffic Safety

Preventing severe crashes on our City's streets.

Drawing of person riding bike
Bikeways Program

Building the best bike network in the country.

Drawing of adult and child walking in crosswalk and holding hands
Pedestrian Program

Building a safer, more walkable, and more accessible Chicago.

Drawing of person boarding bus with one foot on bus and one foot on ground
Transit Infrastructure

Evolving our streets to make the transit experience safer, more efficient, and more comfortable.

Featured Projects & Innovations

Belmont Avenue Complete Street
Belmont Avenue Complete Street

A bold redesign that prioritizes and balances the needs of people walking, biking, and riding the bus throughout the day.

person biking on road between curb line and a low concrete barrier
Concrete Curb Upgrades to Bike Lanes

As part of CDOT's commitment to building low-stress bikeways, the department is installing concrete curbs as upgrades to existing bike lanes.

View of intersection with a person crossing the street in a crosswalk and school zone pavement markings visible
School Zone Improvements

Safety installations at key crossings and intersections surrounding school campuses.


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Additional City Resources

Logo for Chicago Mobility Collaborative

Chicago Mobility Collaborative

The Chicago Mobility Collaborative (CMC) is a public forum related to walking, biking, transit, public space, mobility justice, and accessibility. Four times a year CMC brings residents and community organizations together with CDOT to help build a safer, equitable, and more accessible transportation system for everyone.  

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You can learn about specific projects that you see ongoing in your community at ChiStreetWork, the City's map portal. Enter an address or intersection in the search bar, you will then see a clickable map with details on the types of projects and permits active in that location.