Dickens Avenue Neighborhood Greenway

Dickens Avenue Neighborhood Greenway

Person riding bike on street with green pavement markings visible
View of intersection with two people crossing the street on raised crosswalks
View of roadway with flexible delineators closing the area to through traffic. An adult and child cross through the plaza.

CDOT has constructed a Neighborhood Greenway on Dickens Avenue between Magnolia Avenue and Stockton Drive in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. The project includes contraflow bike lanes and a variety of traffic calming elements to make the street more comfortable for everyone—whether they are walking, biking, or driving—and provides a family-friendly connection for people not comfortable walking or riding a bike on busier streets like Armitage.

Project Goals

  • Improve pedestrian safety and comfort
    • Make it safer for people walking to cross the street
    • Make pedestrians more visible to motorists and bicyclists
    • Improve access to schools, parks, and other destinations
  • Organize the street
    • Clearly define the travel lane to stop dangerous driving behaviors
    • Stop motorists from driving the wrong way on the street
    • Make bicyclists already riding on the street more predictable
  • Consistent and predictable vehicle speeds
    • Ensure cars and bicycles are traveling at appropriate speeds
Infrastructure Highlights

Project Location

Leland Avenue between the North Branch of the Chicago River and Clark Street.


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