Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety

Preventing severe crashes on our City's streets. Data analysis and policy research help CDOT address traffic safety concerns centered around the following issues: 

Vehicle Speed & Size

70% of Chicago traffic deaths involved drivers traveling at high speeds. Over half of pedestrians killed in the city are hit by an SUV or larger vehicle.

Reckless Driving

Nearly 90% of traffic deaths in Chicago involve reckless behavior by people behind the wheel.

Persistent Inequities

Chicagoans who face the greatest barriers to health, income, and personal safety are also the most likely to die in traffic crashes.

How CDOT Uses Data

Identifying Projects & Programs

Data analysis highlights areas across the City in need of safety upgrades.

Shaping Design

Studying crash data reveals specific concerns within any project area and inspires safe design solutions.

Measuring Success

Gathering field data and conducting observations to evaluate project impacts.

Traffic Safety Data Resources

CDOT tracks fatal traffic crashes and safety issues across the City. Monthly fatal traffic crash reports and the datasets used by CDOT can be accessed on our Data Resources page.

Featured Project

Left Turn Traffic Calming

Left Turn Traffic Calming (LTTC) encourages safer turning behaviors from drivers and boosts pedestrian safety at intersections. 


Other Traffic Safety Programs

SAFE Ambassadors staff standing in front of group of people, each holding a blue Divvy bike

SAFE Ambassadors

The outreach and engagement team within CDOT that conducts direct outreach and education at hundreds of public events each year, providing free learn-to-ride lessons for adults and children, teaching safe mobility skills at elementary schools, and in high school driver education modules.

Rendering of 47th Street project showing people walking on sidewalk and sitting on street furniture

Streetscapes Program

CDOT's program to create flourishing public places while improving the functionality of infrastructure to support dense urban living.

Aerial view of boulevard with large central green space and street surrounding on both sides.

Boulevard Enhancement Program

Providing infrastructure improvements and enhancements that will draw people outside to an environment that is safe and inviting and to provide a system of trails connecting people to the neighborhood and the city beyond.

Red light camera sign and camera above street with vehicles queueing at the intersection

Automated Safety Enforcement

Red Light Camera Enforcement and Automated Speed Enforcement play an important part in the City’s ongoing efforts to improve road safety for everyone in Chicago.

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