Teen Support & Care

Teen Support & Care

Teen Support & Care

Teens have a lot going on in their lives. As they navigate the many changes adolescence brings, it’s important for parents to understand their teens’ need for independence while continuing to provide love and support.

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icon - Chicago Healthy Adolescents and Teens (CHAT)


Chicago Healthy Adolescents and Teens (CHAT) is a partnership between the Chicago Department of Public Health and Chicago Public Schools to bring sexual-health services to youth throughout Chicago, including on-site health education and no-cost STI screening.

icon - Sexual & Reproductive Health​Sexual & Reproductive Health

From contraceptive access to STI screenings, the City of Chicago and State of Illinois provide a number of free resources for teens.

STI Specialty Clinics

The CDPH provides testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) at clinics in Lakeview, Austin, and Roseland.

Find STI & Contraception Resources

Use our resource finder to locate facilities near you that provide contraception and testing and treatment for STIs.

Birth Control Information

Explore birth control options and find the one that’s right for you at Bedsider.org.

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood of Illinois provides reproductive health care, sex education, and information to people all over the state.

Illinois Contraceptives Access

ICAN (Illinois Contraceptive Access Now) helps connect people with healthcare providers who understand birth control.



icon - Mental Health & TraumaMental Health & Trauma

Many teens experience anxiety, depression or other traumas in their life and need support. Help is available – you are not alone.

Mental Health Hotline

NAMI Chicago offers a free and confidential helpline to help you choose the right care and talk through your options.

Free Mental Health Care

CDPH facilitates no-cost support for emotional, traumatic or behavioral difficulties at six community mental health centers.

Mental Health Education

The city offers mental health education from symptoms, conditions, and support options to sharing other’s stories from our community.

icon - For Teen Parents

For Teen Parents

If you are teen parent, it is likely that you have needs and worries that may not apply to new parents who are older. Teen parents are more likely to depend on their family for financial support or for help with the baby as they go back to high school.

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icon - Partnering With Your Child’s Doctor​

Talking to Your Teen’s Doctor

As your teen approaches adulthood, they need to learn how to make healthcare decisions for themselves. You can help facilitate this process by maintaining open communication with their doctor while also encouraging your teen to ask their own questions.

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icon - Chronic DiseaseTitle


icon - VaccinesVaccines

Vaccines are safe and protect your child from preventable diseases that can lead to hospitalization and death.

Vaccines for Your Children​

See CDC guidance for which vaccines your children should get at each stage of their development.

Walk-in Immunization Clinics​​

CDPH walk-in clinics provide vaccinations for children 0 to 18 years of age at no out-of-pocket cost.

Find Care Near You

Use our resource finder to locate your nearest clinic providing vaccinations or find a pediatrician in your neighborhood.

icon - Mental Health & Trauma