RMG Expansion on Southeast Side

For information, updates and documents regarding the proposed expansion of a metal recycling facility.

The health and safety of Chicago’s communities, particularly our most vulnerable residents, is our highest priority. Since the announcement of the acquisition of General Iron's assets by RMG and the proposed expansion of RMG’s existing facility on the southeast side, we have been hard at work to ensure that it is held to a high standard for the protection of the surrounding community. In order to operate the proposed ‚Äčexpanded facility,‚Äč RMG will be required to incorporate enhanced environmental controls. This facility and others like it will also have to operate according to the strong standards in the new Rules for Large Recycling Facilities.  These standards include air and noise monitoring and strong measures to prevent fugitive dust.

Information about community meetings, permit applications, inspection reports and air monitoring results will be posted as it becomes available.


RMG will need two types of permits to operate as a recycling facility – an air pollution control permit and a recycling facility permit.

CDPH issues air pollution control permits for applicants that meet the standards outlined in Section 11-4-630 of the Municipal Code of Chicago. An air pollution control permit has been issued to RMG for the installation, but not the operation, of pollution control equipment consistent with the permit previously issued by IEPA.

Read RMG’s air pollution control permit.

The facility cannot start operations without first being issued a recycling facility permit as required by Section 11-4-2520 of the Municipal Code of Chicago after meeting the standards set out in 11-4-2530, the Rules for Recycling Facility Permits and the Rules for Large Recycling Facilities.

Read documents related to the large recycling facility permit application.

At this time, CDPH has received the company's response to its information request. CDPH does not have a specific timeframe in which to review these materials; we will take the time that is necessary to analyze this submission before deciding whether to issue a draft permit. Community members and other stakeholders are welcome to provide feedback by email to envcomments@cityofchicago.org as we conduct our review. If a draft permit is issued, there would be an additional 30-day comment period during which further input on these materials is welcome.  


Public Engagement

CDPH developed guidelines for the public engagement during the permitting process for large recycling facilities. The guidelines provide opportunities for the public to comment on the permitting process, in writing and, if there is significant public interest, at a public meeting. They also provide a detailed timeline for the public posting of permit applications, application review, preparation and posting of a draft permit and permit issuance. This engagement and review process  applies to consequential large recycling facilities – those that handle construction debris, process vehicles, have a history of environmental violations, or are located close to sensitive areas such as residences, parks, and schools. RMG’s application to expand a recycling facility on the Southeast Side is the first to be held to the strengthened standards in the rules for large recycling facilities and reviewed using this new public engagement process. 

A Public Hearing took place on Thursday, December 10. Information related to that hearing is below:



Public Comments 

The public comment period on the application closed on January 29, 2021. CDPH is now reviewing the permit application and all written comments. If this review results in the issuance of a draft permit, the public will be afforded with another opportunity to submit written comments as described in the permit review guidelines posted above. Note that some personal details, such as email and home addresses, have been redacted for commentors' privacy.

Comments Received

Organization Comments

Information related to the Community Town Hall on July 25, 2020.