RMG Expansion on Southeast Side

For information, updates and public comments regarding the proposed expansion of a metal recycling facility.


Earlier this year, the City of Chicago contacted the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) seeking their guidance regarding RMG’s application – especially considering the size and location of the proposed additional use.  On May 7, 2021, the U.S. EPA recommended that the City of Chicago complete a specific, additional environmental analysis prior to reaching a decision on the permit requested by RMG. The permit process is now on an indefinite hold pending completion of this further analysis.

The City shares the U.S. EPA’s commitment to environmental justice and public health, and we look forward to partnering with them to conduct a fair, thorough and timely health impact analysis to inform our future decision-making on the RMG permit application. At the same time, Mayor Lori Lightfoot directed the City’s Chief Sustainability Officer and the Department of Public Health to propose a new cumulative impact ordinance for consideration by the City Council before the end of this year, broadening its authority over air quality considerations, especially in Chicago’s more industrialized neighborhoods.

The City has been working with U.S. EPA on a Health Impact Assessment, or HIA, to analyze potential health, environmental and equity impacts of a potential permit. Information about opportunities to contribute to the process can be found in Public Engagement.


Update on RMG/Southside Recycling HIA Public Engagement Session

Community and stakeholder input on RMG /Southside Recycling’s permit application has played a vital, meaningful role in the Chicago Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) thorough study of the proposed facility.

Before making a decision on the permit, CDPH will host a third and final community meeting to discuss the health impact assessment (HIA) findings. We intended to hold this meeting in January; however, because of delays caused by a COVID outbreak among the team assisting with on-site research and COVID-related lab slowdowns, we now expect to hold the meeting in February. CDPH is committed to completing this assessment in a timely manner, while ensuring that we follow all the required HIA steps and do the assessment work that's necessary to inform our permit decision.

To ensure that all community members and stakeholders have an adequate amount of time to prepare, CDPH intends to provide at least two weeks’ notice before this meeting. Community members and stakeholders will be notified of updates via email.