RMG will need two types of permits to operate as a recycling facility – an air pollution control permit and a recycling facility permit.

CDPH issues air pollution control permits for applicants that meet the standards outlined in Section 11-4-630 of the Municipal Code of Chicago. An air pollution control permit has been issued to RMG for the installation, but not the operation, of pollution control equipment consistent with the permit previously issued by IEPA.

The facility cannot start operations without first being issued a recycling facility permit as required by Section 11-4-2520 of the Municipal Code of Chicago after meeting the standards set out in 11-4-2530, the Rules for Recycling Facility Permits and the Rules for Large Recycling Facilities.

Read documents related to the large recycling facility permit application.

As of May 7, 2021,   the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) recommended that the city complete a specific, additional environmental analysis prior to reaching a decision on the permit requested by RMG. The U.S. EPA pledged its assistance to the city in this effort. As a direct result of this request, Mayor Lightfoot directed the CDPH to initiate an environmental study recommended by the U.S. EPA and to delay a final decision on RMG’s permit application seeking to expand its metal recycling facility operated on the Southeast Side, pending completion of this further analysis.