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This website contains information regarding the settlement of two class action lawsuits against the City of Chicago relating to its operation and enforcement of its speed and red light camera program: McKenzie-Lopez, et al. v. City of Chicago, Case No. 15 CH 4802 (Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois) (“the “McKenzie-Lopez Lawsuit””) and Willis, et al. v. City of Chicago, Case No. 16 CH 14304 (Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois) (the “Willis Lawsuit”).  The settlement was preliminarily approved by the Court on August 21, 2017.

Among other things, the settlement provides a fund of $38.75 Million for Class Members to claim a cash payment of up to 50% of all fines, penalties and other amounts paid or collected on speed or red light camera tickets subject to the litigation and/or the extinguishment of up to 50% of any amounts owed on such violations.  Additional benefits are also available under the settlement, including some Class Members being eligible for a refund of certain late payment penalties, the City automatically waiving late payment penalties and collection fees if those are the only amounts owed by Class Members and the establishment of a debt relief program under which the City will waive additional amounts that eligible Class Members may owe on speed and red light camera tickets.  In addition, under the terms of the settlement, no speed or red light camera violation that was subject to the litigation will be used by the City for purposes of determining whether a vehicle is eligible for immobilization or impoundment, or driver’s license suspension.  The City has also changed its notice and late payment penalty practices and has agreed to adhere to these changes in the future.

Please note that not all speed and red light camera violations are eligible for refunds, debt extinguishment and/or other benefits under the settlement.  Only those tickets covered by the Lawsuits as described in Section VIII of the Class Notice, and during the time period described therein, are eligible to participate in the settlement.