For Agencies

Private Employment Agencies

Employment agencies are those which gain profit from working to secure employment or employees for employers in the State of Illinois and are regulated by the Illinois Private Employment Placement Act. The Act requires licensing for employment agencies to ensure that domestic workers are protected from fraudulent or misleading information, untimely or unreasonable placement fees, and other opportunistic activities. Please review frequently asked questions about the Act and its requirements.

If you have questions about whether you are covered under the Act, or about its requirements, call the Private Employment Agencies Information Hotline at 312.793.1804.

Home Services Agencies

See Illinois Department of Public Health site

Employment agencies who seek to provide home services by hiring out household employees who provide housekeeping services, assistance with daily living, companionship, and other certain services are required to obtain licenses through the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). If you would like to learn more about whether your agency qualifies as a Home Service Agency under Illinois law, please review IDPH’s website and the posted license application materials.