Community Roundtables

During the month of June, the City organized Community Roundtables in six different regions of the city seeking regional input and perspectives from neighborhood-based organizations regarding budget priorities and values, as well as communicate the difficult choices to be made through the budget process. 

The roundtable sessions were structured around 3 exercises designed to spark conversation and input. In the first exercise, all participants received a budget worksheet and were asked to recommend where additional investments should be made that improve Chicago’s vitality, hard hit communities, and the lives of youth and families. Participants were able to share what they prioritized and why. After individually deciding where they would like to prioritize new spending, the participants had to work together in groups to find a find consensus on how to allocate new investments to different categories of the city budget. In the third and final part of the roundtable session, the participants were asked for their input on what tools, services, and ideas the City of Chicago can implement to become more effective in the of the following areas: Building a Smart City, A Responsive City Workforce, Better Communication with Residents. 

The City will continue its community engagement process throughout the summer.

Budget roundtables were held in the following regions and dates:


  • South Side Roundtable
    • June 15th
  • Southwest Side Roundtable
    • June 22nd
  • Northwest Side Roundtable
    • June 24th
  • North Side Roundtable
    • June 25th
  • West Side Roundtable
    • June 26th
  • Far South Side Roundtable
    • July 1st