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BACP Economic Recovery

Chicago Recovery Plan

The Chicago Recovery Plan (CRP) is the City’s plan to amplify once-in-a-generation federal funding to create an equity-based investment strategy to catalyze a sustainable economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The funding under the CRP, which includes funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (“ARP”) and over $600 million in local bond funds, is allocated alongside all other available resources in the City budget to maximize this opportunity over the next 3 to 5 year funding period. The initiatives and strategic priorities that make up the Chicago Recovery Plan were a result of several stages of community engagement and input during the 2022 budget development process.

The Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) is responsible for distributing approximately $50 million in CRP funding in three focus areas: small business support, non-profit relief, and food equity. 

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Small Business Vacant
Storefront Activations

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The goal of the Small Business Storefront Activation Program is to boost local spending and draw additional foot traffic to commercial corridors across the city. Selected community and economic development organizations will work with small business owners and landlords to provide rapid relief to small businesses by activating vacant storefronts into burgeoning business spaces.

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Nonprofit Capacity
Building Phase 1

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Nonprofits operating in low-to-moderate income areas and those with budgets less than $1M were disproportionately impacted by Covid-19. BACP will provide funding to multiple for-profit and/or non- profit organizations to design and implement technical assistance and capacity building services for disproportionately impacted nonprofit organizations.

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Community Growers: Food Equity

The Community Growers program will increase equitable community access to healthy foods by creating new food access points in neighborhoods experiencing food insecurity. Neighborhoods with residents that have lower-incomes have less access to healthy food and experience greater food insecurity and food-related illnesses. This program works to reduce the barriers to urban agriculture by supporting urban growers with access to land, resources to build long-term sites, and technical support.

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Good Food

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The Good Food Fund will support small food businesses operating in communities with limited access to food. Through this program the city will disburse $5 million in grants to food-businesses and provide them with highly specialized business coaching.

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Food Business Food

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The Food Business Incubator Program provides a range of technical assistance and capacity building support for food entrepreneurs. Through this program small food-business owners will be able to access food stall rentals, kitchen and commercial space, retail pop-ups, co-working or office space, mentorship and more.

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