Good Food Fund

The Good Food Fund will provide support to food entrepreneurs
in communities with inequitable access to food. The Good Food Fund was designed after intensive community engagement with the Food Equity Council and seeks to help expand, enhance, and restore the food industry using an equity and community-based approach. 

Allies for Community Business (A4CB) has been selected to manage the Good Food Fund, a $5 million fund to support food entrepreneurs in communities with inequitable access to food. A4CB, in partnership with Greenwood Archer Capital, will manage the fund by providing sub-grants and low-interest loans, to businesses across the food ecosystem (production, distribution, processing, retail) in communities with inequitable food access.  

A4CB will also provide industry specific business coaching and application assistance to entrepreneurs interested in applying for the fund. To ensure an equitable selection process for all, A4CB has developed a community advisory committee comprised of food and business subject-matter experts and community members, who will provide input on the eligibility criteria for fund recipients as well as support with community outreach.  

The Good Food Fund was designed in collaboration with the Food Equity Council, a private-public partnership dedicated to transforming Chicago’s food system into one that is just and equitable. 

How to Apply: The Good Food Fund application will open in early spring. Questions? Please contact Allies for Community Business at or by phone at (872) 710-0035.