Residential Recycling


Residential Recycling (single-family homes and multi-unit buildings with four or fewer units)


Through its Recycling Block Captain program, the Department of Streets and Sanitation (DSS) invites interested residents to learn about and serve as a community ambassadors for the City's Blue Cart and other types of recycling. As a Recycling Block Captain, residents may ask questions and provide feedback to DSS staff about how the programs are working, and they receive regular communication providing information and seasonal updates on events that they in turn can provide to their neighbors. The DSS team will ensure the Recycling Block Captains have the knowledge they need to be a trusted ambassador and effective advocate for their communities.   

Become a Recycling Block Captain today by completing this form, or call 312.744.2413 and one of the DSS Recycling and Materials Management team will be happy to answer any questions (please leave your name and contact info if leaving a message after-hours or on the weekend). 

Use the City’s Residential Recycling Drop-off Centers to recycle the same full range of materials accepted in the Blue Cart Recycling Program, including paper, plastics, glass and cardboard.  Toss all your recyclables in together; no sorting or special bags are required. You may use a bag to transport your materials to the drop-off center; however, it will be pulled at the recycling facility as plastic bags are not accepted in the program.

Drop-Off Center



1. Far North Side 6441 N. Ravenswood
2. Near South 1758 S. Clark Street


Blue Cart & Recycling Drop-Off Center:  Accepted Materials

2024 Recycling Map 

Day-of-Service Schedule can be found here.

  • View the Blue Cart Residential Recycling Map to identify your residence's pick-up zone, hauler and schedule.
  • Zone 1 - Serviced by LRS
  • Zone 2 - Serviced by City of Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation
  • Zone 3 - Serviced by LRS
  • Zone 4 - Serviced by City of Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation
  • Zone 5- Serviced by LRS
  • Zone 6 - Serviced by LRS