Community Safety

We envision all Chicago residents living in safe communities due to intentional, purposeful investment from our government and its partners. 


The Mayor’s Office of Community Safety team, led by the Deputy Mayor for Community Safety, is committed to investing intentionally in people and communities through the full force of government and a community-driven approach that aims to: 

  • Systemically promote community safety by addressing root causes 
  • Rapidly response to specific community safety challenges through trauma-informed and community-based interventions 

In addition, we work to: 

  • Coordinate operations of the Chicago Police Department, Chicago Fire Department, Office of Emergency and Communications, Civilian Office of Police Accountability, Police Board, Office of Public Safety Administration, and the Community Commission for Public Safety Accountability. 
  • Oversee implementation of the consent decree and other public safety reform efforts. 
  • Support and advise the Mayor on safety-related concerns including but not limited to safety for new arrivals, returning citizens, and youth.  


Introductory Guide To City Services

If you want to learn how to access city resources and take an active role in your community, you can download our Introductory Guide to City Services. The Guide includes steps to engage with various city departments and access youth, health, social, infrastructure, and other city services. To request a print copy, email us at cscc@cityofchicago.org.