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A Safe Chicago For All

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A Safe Chicago for All

Safety is more than protection. It’s support through secure housing and outreach programs. It’s policies that drive more community-focused investments. It’s government and corporate leaders building justice and equity across sectors. It’s an expanding force of community health workers, educators, and victim advocates. It’s an infrastructure of safe and public spaces. Safety is all of us working together for a Safe Chicago for All.

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Resources For Every Chicagoan

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Program Spotlight

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Emergency Supplemental Victims Fund

Financial assistance for individuals and families injured due to gun violence

Community Activation Networks

These teams represent a holistic and coordinated effort between the City and community partners to identify what is driving violence in each community area to identify solutions

Mental health skill building trainings

These trainings are for leaders in communities most impacted by violence

Safe Space

Find upcoming and past community events held and supported by the CSCC to help build safe spaces

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