Parental Health

Parental Health

Parental Health

Raising a child takes effort and dedication. As you’re learning how to care for a child, make time to check in with yourself and your partner too.

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icon - Caring for Yourself

Caring for Yourself

After you give birth, you may find yourself spending all your time and energy caring for your baby and making sure they are fed, changed, sleeping, and happy. It can be easy to forget about your own needs. But it is just as important to look after yourself and get help if you need it.

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icon - Chronic DiseaseChronic Disease

Chronic conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity may increase risks during pregnancy, but it’s possible to manage them with lifestyle changes and regular checkups.

Maternal Health & Chronic Disease

See current CDC research and guidance on how parents can manage common chronic conditions during and after pregnancy.

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Nutrition Tips for Women

During pregnancy, you need a balanced diet to provide enough nutrients to sustain you and your baby.

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icon - Mental Health & TraumaMental Health & Trauma

Many women experience mental health disorder or a traumatic life event during or following pregnancy. This can make it difficult to get through the day, but help is available—you are not alone.

Maternal Depression

Both during and after pregnancy, you may be depressed and not know it. Learn the signs, then talk to your doctor.

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Stress & Trauma

Stress is a common feeling during pregnancy, but it can cause serious health problems. Learn tools for managing stress and trauma.

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Free Mental Health Care

CDPH facilitates no-cost support for emotional, traumatic, or behavioral difficulties at six community mental health centers.

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Search Mental Health Resources

Chicago Connects is a tool to help find behavioral health and social service resources in Chicago.

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icon - Healthy Partner After Birth

Healthy Partner After Birth

It may feel like dads and partners are left out of the conversation when it comes to caring for babies, but their roles are critical. Learn more about how to care for yourself and the baby as a parenting partner.

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icon - Healthy ParentsSubstance Use

Because chemicals that enter your body through smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking illegal drugs can be passed through the placenta, any of these substances can be harmful your baby both before and after delivery.


According to the CDC, there is no known amount of alcohol that is safe to drink during pregnancy.


The CDC warns that smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of many health problems, including sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).


Both prescription and non-prescription opioids can cause serious problems for your baby during pregnancy.

icon - Healthy Partner

Healthy Partner After Birth


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