Year of Healing Impact Report

The Together We Heal initiative is proud to present the Year of Healing Impact Report! The Year of Healing Impact Report is a summary of the healing efforts conducted by the City of Chicago Mayor’s Office, City Departments, and our community partners throughout the 2022 initiative. The report outlines the Together We Heal Framework (Reflect on Our Past, Reclaim Our Present, Reimagine Our Future), the $6 million investment into arts-based healing projects, five policy initiatives that centered a healing framework, and a series of City and community-led activations. 

The Impact Report also provides a guide for City and community leaders to apply our lessons learned to their work and intentionally center healing in their practices and policymaking.  

This report is a gift to our city, one that will empower our institutions and our communities to use the power of healing to advance Chicago in the journey toward equity and justice.   

Folded Map Action Kit

OERJ is excited to introduce two resources as part of our Together We Heal Initiative: The Folded Map Action Kit (Together We Heal edition) and the Interactive Healing Map that goes with it. These tools encourage Chicagoans to embark on a journey toward racial healing and transformation. 

The action kit is a guided exploration of Chicago neighborhoods that draws attention to the impact of Chicago’s racial segregation. It invites residents to visit a neighborhood with a different racial make-up than their own, to reflect on the inequities present, and to identify personal opportunities to disrupt the cycle of segregation.   

The Interactive Healing Map gives Chicagoans an opportunity to share their experience with other people who are completing the action kit to support cross-neighborhood dialogue and allow us to learn from one another.   

If you haven't had the chance to complete the action kit, click here to download it. After you complete the action kit, share your experience on the interactive healing map.   

We Built Chicago

In this 5 part content series, the Office of Equity and Racial Justice (OERJ) partnered with Chicago’s Neighborhood Historian – Shermann “Dilla” Thomas to explore the major racial groups that make up the city’s rich and diverse culture. #WeBuiltChicago