Let’s Talk, Chicago

Part of the healing journey is reflection, discussion, and seeding deeper connections. These cards can help you connect and have meaningful discussions with family, friends, coworkers and neighbors.  Try to let your guard down and share your authentic experiences. Actively listen, understand, and connect with one another as we each move forward in our journey.

How it works:  Each person picks a question for the group, and everyone answers. The themes are: Chicago Connections, Race & Identity, and Healing & Repair. 

  • Round 1 - Warm-Up: Lighter questions to open up the conversation. 
  • Round 2 - Real Talk: Tougher questions asking you to be honest and vulnerable. 
  • Round 3 - Cool Down:  Reflective questions for you to share hopes for the future. 

Instructions: Create community norms. Determine ground rules by asking: What do we all need to feel safe and respected? What does respectful discussion look, sound and feel like? Brainstorm together, write down rules, and commit to them. Helpful rules to include are: be present, listen, assume best intentions & honor confidentiality. If a rule is broken, address it directly, reaffirming the rule and its importance. 

Round 1: Pick two warm-up cards / Round 2: Pick three real talk cards (at least one card from each theme) / Round 3: Pick one cool down card.

Warm Up Questions

Real Talk Questions

Cool Down Questions