Humboldt Park North Avenue Neighborhood Roundtable

The Humboldt Park North Avenue Neighborhood Roundtable was formed in spring 2020. Consisting of representatives from city agencies, aldermanic offices, neighborhood organizations, small businesses and resident groups, the roundtable seeks to advance local goals through a broad, cross-disciplinary approach that leverages the insights, wisdom, creativity and resources of local stakeholders.

The goal of the roundtables is transparency: to ensure the neighborhood voices are heard and integrated into the priorities of public and private investments, to obtain feedback on INVEST South/West projects as they advance, and to put planners at the table with neighborhood stakeholders.

The roundtable meetings are organized and led by West Side planners from the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) along with representatives from the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, which acts as the manager for the priority corridor of North Avenue. The roundtable meets monthly on Zoom, and plans to conduct public, in-person meetings in Humboldt Park once the ongoing public health crisis has subsided.

Questions on the roundtable can be directed to Materials and select conversations from past meetings are listed below.