Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

Through the Department of Planning and Development (DPD), the City of Chicago offers to qualified development teams and nonprofit organizations the opportunity to submit proposals for opportunity sites in the INVEST South/West neighborhoods.

Winning Development Projects



Mayor Lightfoot announced the winning proposal for a 21-acre site at Roosevelt and Kostner in North Lawndale on Jan. 31, 2022.

North Lawndale: 4300 W. Roosevelt Road
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Lawndale Innovation Center

The Lawndale Innovation Center is a $38.4 million project led by 548 Development and Related Midwest proposed for Roosevelt Road and Kostner Avenue on the West Side of Chicago's largest piece of vacant land. The 20.8-acre development will include a 302,140-square-foot solar-powered industrial complex, a pair of community centers and public open space featuring public art.

The project is expected to create approximately 700 permanent and temporary jobs.



Mayor Lightfoot announced three winning development proposals valued at $126 million in investment in November 2021, as a part of the two-year anniversary celebration for INVEST South/West.

Humboldt Park: 4000 W. North Ave.
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Team Pioneros

The Team Pioneros project is a $53.9 million proposal planned for the northeast corner of North Avenue and Pulaski Road. The project will rehabilitate the vacant, landmark Pioneer Bank building with an entrepreneurial incubator space, Latino cultural center, and office space for JGMA. A 0.75-acre parking lot north of the bank is planned to be redeveloped with a nine-story, 100 percent affordable, 75-unit residential building; offices for Humboldt Park Family Health; and a potential library branch.

Humboldt Park: 3601 W. Chicago Ave.
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The Ave.

The Ave. is a $25.3 million proposal planned for the southeast corner of Chicago and Central Park avenues. The 0.6-acre site, currently occupied by a small commercial building containing the West Side offices of Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS), is planned to be redeveloped into a five-story, mixed-use, mixed-income complex with 44 residential units and approximately 21,000 square feet of restaurant, gym, and daycare space, in addition to a new office space for NHS.

South Shore: 2908-26 E. 79th St./7901-33 S. Exchange Ave.
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Thrive Exchange

Thrive Exchange is a $47.3 million proposal planned for multiple sites adjacent to the Cheltenham station on Metra Electric’s Main Line near 79th Street and Exchange Avenue. The mixed-use project will create 39 residential units on the south side of 79th Street and rehabilitate the historic Ringer Building for commercial uses and 24 adjacent condominiums.

Mayor Lightfoot and DPD announced four minority-led development teams won the second round of INVEST South/West projects in August 2021, located in South Chicago, North Lawndale, Bronzeville and Back of the Yards.

Valued at more than $125 million, the four projects were selected in response to RFPs issued last winter. The projects will collectively create more than 215 residential units, 40,000 square feet of commercial space, and approximately 900 permanent and temporary jobs on commercial corridor sites that are either vacant or underutilized.

Bronzeville: 449-51 E. 47th St.
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The Legacy District

The Legacy District is a $19.2 million joint venture of KMW Communities and LG Development in partnership with Bronzeville Community Partners.

Planned for 0.6 acres of vacant, City-owned land on the southwest corner of 47th Street and Vincennes Avenue, the proposed project will create a six-story building containing 12,000 square feet of commercial space and 25 mixed-income residential units. The project will create 174 permanent jobs and 140 construction jobs.

New City: 1515 W. 47th St.
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United Yards

United Yards is a $51.5 million joint venture of Celadon Partners and the Blackwood Group planned for multiple vacant and improved properties near Ashland Avenue and 47th Street. The project will redevelop a vacant, City-owned lot at 1515 W. 47th St. with a 50-unit affordable apartment building that includes a ground floor business hub and youth programming space.

Additional phases will revitalize a largely vacant, four-story commercial building at 4701 S. Ashland Ave. with 30 senior rental apartments and a ground-floor coffee shop; redevelop vacant land at 1641 W. 47th St. with a pair of affordable, three-flat buildings; and enhance an existing supportive living center at 4707 S. Marshfield Ave. with a medical clinic, dialysis center, and park space. The proposed project will create 44 permanent jobs and more than 330 construction jobs.

North Lawndale: 3400-18 W. Ogden Ave.
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Lawndale Redefined

Lawndale Redefined is a $31.4 million joint venture from GRE Ventures, Imagine Group, and 548 Development. Planned for an acre of vacant, City-owned and private land on Ogden Avenue between Homan and Trumbull avenues, the project consists of 60 mixed-income apartments, three market-rate townhomes, retail and restaurant space, and a stand-alone community center with technology and arts programming.

Outdoor amenities include a plaza with public art and other cultural amenities. The project will create 30 permanent jobs and up to 120 construction jobs.

South Chicago: 8840-54 S. Commercial Ave.
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Galleria 89

Galleria 89 is a $23.5 million project from 548 Development planned for approximately .6 acres of underutilized properties on the 8800 block of South Commercial Avenue. The project will create a four-story building with 35 mix-income apartments and rehab an existing, three-story building with 10 mix-income apartments.

Approximately 12,000-square-feet of commercial space on the ground floors of both buildings will include a café, business center, and bike shop. The project will create more than 60 permanent jobs and more than 100 construction jobs.

An initial round of development projects was announced by Mayor Lightfoot and DPD in March 2021, including a mixed-use residential complex anchored by a blues museum and cafe, a 56-unit affordable rental building with tenant gardens, and a sustainable food and culinary campus.

Collectively valued at more than $65 million, the three projects were selected from 12 responses to RFPs issued in the fall of 2020 for three opportunity sites in Austin, Auburn Gresham and Englewood.

Auburn Gresham: 838-58 W. 79th St.
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Evergreen Imagine

Evergreen Imagine is a mixed-use proposal that is being refined for two City-owned development sites in Auburn Gresham. The redevelopment of one site, at 79th and Green, is being envisioned as a three-story building containing ground floor retail and parking and residential units on the floors above.

The other site, at 79th and Halsted, is being envisioned as a four-story building with ground-floor retail and parking and residential units on the floors above. The scope of both proposed buildings is being finalized through an ongoing public engagement process.

Austin: 5200-24 W. Chicago Ave.
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Austin United Alliance

Planned for the former Laramie Bank building and approximately 20,000 square-feet of adjacent land, the proposed $37.5 million project will renovate the landmark structure with commercial uses that include a blues museum, bank branch, café, and business incubator.

The adjacent land will be redeveloped with a mixed-income, multi-story rental building that includes a green roof, public plaza, social spaces, and outdoor art. The project is expected to generate up to 150 construction jobs and 22 full-time positions.

Englewood: 6200 S. Green St./914 W. 63rd St.
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Englewood Connect

Planned as the second phase of the Englewood Square shopping center, Englewood Connect is a $10.3 million “eco-food hub” that will establish culinary-related uses that empower, employ and feed local residents. The project will adaptively reuse the landmark Green Street fire station as a commercial kitchen, establish a business incubator to train start-up businesses, create an community "living room” for local events, and repurpose vacant land with hoop houses that provide year-round farming operations.

A public plaza will serve as its focal point. Later phases will include a flexible market space and an event center. The project is expected to generate approximately 80 construction jobs and 45 permanent full-time positions.

Archived RFP Materials

838-58 W. 79th St.
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Auburn Gresham RFP

The nearly 23,000-square-foot-site consists of six parcels of vacant land owned by the City. The RFP seeks their redevelopment with a high-quality, mixed-use project that includes ground-floor commercial spaces and residential uses above.

Due Nov. 24, 2020 | Addenda | Forms

Auburn Gresham RFP Community Presentation
Response Summary 
Jan. 21, 2021  | Video | Presentation | Developer Pitch

Pre-Bid Conference

Sept. 14, 2020 | Video | PresentationQ&A | Attendees

5200-24 W. Chicago Ave.
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Austin RFP

The approximately 34,200 square-foot site on the northwest corner of Chicago and Laramie avenues includes five vacant lots and the vacant, 14,340-square-foot Laramie State Bank building, a designated Chicago Landmark. The RFP seeks the mixed-use rehabilitation of the former bank and new construction on the adjacent land.

 Due Nov. 24, 2020 | Addenda | Forms

Austin RFP Community Presentations
 Response Summaries 
Part I: Jan. 19, 2021 | Video | Presentation
Part II: Jan. 20, 2021 | Video | Presentation

Austin Developer Pitch Videos
Part I: Holsten | 548 | Evergreen
Part II: Austin United Alliance | Soul City Centre | Surmac Jupiter | Rankins Group 

Pre-Bid Conference
Sept. 15, 2020 | Video | Presentation | Q&A | Attendees

449-51 E. 47th St.
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Bronzeville RFP

The approximately 26,300-square foot development site consists of two vacant lots owned by the City of Chicago on the southwest corner of 47th Street and Vincennes Avenue.

Due 4 p.m., Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Appendix | Appraisal | Forms | Q&A | Addendum

Bronzeville Community RFP Presentation
May 18, 2021 | Video | Developer Pitch Videos | Response Summaries

Pre-Bid Conference
Jan. 19, 2021 | Video | Attendees

6200 block South Green Street, 914 W. 63rd St.
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Englewood RFP

The 4.28-acre site consists of two packages: Site B1/B2 and Site C. The sites are being offered as the second phase of the adjacent Englewood Square I project, which is a Whole Foods-anchored shopping center at Halsted and 63rd streets. The goal of the RFP is to establish a vibrant, walkable, mixed-use town center that includes residential and commercial uses.

 Due Nov. 24, 2020 | Addenda | Forms

Englewood RFP Community Presentations
Response Summaries 
Part I: Jan. 25, 2021 | Video | Presentation
Part II: Jan. 28, 2021 | Video | Presentation

Englewood Developer Pitch Videos
Part I: Ignite | Imagine
Part II: McLaurin | Avia Parc

Pre-Bid Conference
Sept. 16, 2020 | Video | Presentation | Q&A | Attendees

4000-08 W. North/1616-38 N. Pulaski Road
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Humboldt Park — North Avenue RFP

Anchored by the long-vacant Pioneer Bank building, the site includes an adjacent, .75-acre parking lot. RFP goals include new retail and commercial amenities, rental and for-sale housing units, public open space, and opportunities to celebrate local culture.

Due Aug. 31, 2021
Appendix | Floor Plans | Q&A | Addendum

North Avenue RFP Community Presentation
6 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021
Join the Meeting | Response Summaries | Developer Pitch Videos | Developer Q&A
Community Scorecard | Tarjeta de puntuación de la comunidad

Pre-Bid Conference
May 11, 2021 | Video | Attendees

3601-25 W. Chicago Ave.
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Humboldt Park — Chicago Avenue RFP

The block-long, .68-acre site includes two, one-story buildings, a parking lot, and an alley. The RFP is seeking their replacement with a multi-story structure with retail, mixed-income residential units, and office space.

Due Aug. 31, 2021
Appendix | Q&A | Addendum

Chicago Avenue RFP Community Presentation
Sept. 23, 2021
Video | Response Summaries | Developer Pitch Videos | Developer Q&A

Pre-Bid Conference
May 13, 2021 | Video | Attendees

1515 W. 47th St.
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New City — Back of the Yards RFP

The approximately 14,870-square-foot development location consists of a single, City lot on the southeast corner of 47th and Justine streets.

Due 4 p.m., Tuesday, March 30, 2021
AppendixAppraisal | Forms | Q&A | Addendum

New City Community RFP Presentation | May 13, 2021
Video | Developer Pitch Videos | Response Summaries | Q&A

Pre-Bid Conference
Jan. 2`1, 2021 | Video | Attendees

3400-18 W. Ogden Ave.
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North Lawndale RFP

The approximately 42,900-square-foot development site consists of seven contiguous vacant lots between Homan and Trumbull avenues, all but one of which is owned by the City.

Due 4 p.m., Tuesday, March 30, 2021
Appendix | Appraisal | ESA Phase I | Forms | Q&A | Addendum

North Lawndale Community RFP Presentation
May 19-20, 2021
Video | Response Summaries | Developer Pitch Videos | Q&A

Pre-Bid Conference
Jan. 20, 2021 | Presentation | Video | Attendees

4300 W. Roosevelt Road
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Roosevelt & Kostner RFP

The 20.8-acre site in North Lawndale includes 25 publicly-owned parcels and represents the largest piece of vacant land on the West Side of Chicago.

Due Dec. 24, 2020
Addenda | Forms

Shortlist of Developers

Roosevelt & Kostner RFP Community Presentations
Video Pitches | Response Summaries | Developer Q&A
Part I: Feb. 23, 2021 | Video | Presentation
Part II: Feb. 24, 2021 | Video | Presentation

Pre-Bid Conference
Oct. 20, 2020 | Presentation | Video | Q&A | Attendees

2908-26 E. 79th St./7901-33 S. Exchange Ave.
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South Shore — 79th/Exchange RFP

The two-part, 1.7-acre site includes vintage, low-rise buildings and vacant land adjacent to the Cheltenham station on Metra’s Electric Main Line. RFP goals include the construction and rehabilitation of transit-oriented housing and ancillary uses.

Due Aug. 31, 2021
Appendix | Q&A

South Shore RFP Community Presentation
Sept. 22, 2021
Video | Response Summaries
Developer Pitch Videos | Community Scorecard | Q&A

Pre-Bid Conference
May 12, 2021 | Video | Attendees

8840-54 S. Commercial Ave.
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South Chicago RFP

A 25,000-square-foot development site at the northwester corner of Commercial Avenue and 89th Street with an opportunity for the rehabilitation of vintage, mixed-use buildings alongside new construction. The project has the potential for 50 residential units, as well as commercial and community space.

Due 4 p.m., Tuesday, March 30, 2021
AppendixAppraisal | Forms | Q&A | Addendum

South Chicago Community RFP Presentation
May 6, 2021 | Video | Developer Pitch Videos | Response Summaries | Q&A

Pre-Bid Conference
 Jan. 22, 2021 | Video | Attendees

LISC Chicago
Chicago Architecture Center

Halsted Gateway Project RFQ

Due: July 12, 2020