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Cycle Breakers is a heartfelt tribute to the friends who inspire us, the caregivers who nurture us, and the coaches, teachers, and mentors who illuminate the path toward breaking cycles, reminding everyone that the power to break free resides within us all.

Discover resources, programs, events, mentorship, and more to heal together and foster peace in Chicago’s neighborhoods by becoming a Cycle Breaker today.

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Learn conflict resolution and other important tools with access to resources, support networks, opportunities and events.

conflict resolution

Learn how to resolve conflicts in a positive way by facilitating discussions, increasing understanding, and controlling emotional responses.


Incorporate restorative practices to create space for multiple perspectives to be understood and repair relationships when harm happens.


Understand the unique, authentic expressions of the values and principles that lead to the long-term health and well-being of particular people.


Find mentors and build a relationship with someone you trust.


Improve your overall well-being by managing stress, building connections, and making healthier choices in life.


Find vital resources for you and loved ones affected by a traumatic event.


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Do you know a Cycle Breaker who has made a difference in your life? Submit your nominations below to give them the credit and shine they deserve.

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Discover the resources to help you, your family and community break the cycle, as well as  access utility and housing resources, caregiver information, healthcare services, disaster recovery aid, mentorship opportunities, community events, and more.

Find The Help You Need Now

To get connected to a trained Resource Navigator, dial 2-1-1 or text your zip code to 898-211.

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Discover ways to connect more youth and families in our communities with the resources they need. Through local efforts and initiatives, you can help to create a better future for Chicago today.


If you want to learn how to access city resources and take an active role in your community, you can download our Introductory Guide to City Services. The Guide includes steps to engage with various city departments and access youth, health, social, infrastructure, and other city services. To request a print copy, email us at

The Community Safety Coordination Center works across City departments to implement a comprehensive approach to address the root causes of community violence. Our work includes near- and long-term strategies to create safe spaces, support residents in addressing their individual and family needs, and promote a culture that leads towards community wellness and safety.

  1. I can't pay my bills this month.Where can I apply for assistance?
  2. I don't have health insurance. How can I access healthcare services in my community?
  3. I want to host an event in my community. Where do I start?
  4. I am someone who identifies with a disability and who is in need of a home modification. Who do I reach out to first?
  5. How can I submit a service request for an infrastructure issue in my neighborhood?
  6. If I need immigration legal services, where do I go?
  7. I am looking for a job. How can I access job trainings and opportunities?
  8. I am a returning resident. Where can I find re-entry resources?
  9. What domestic violence resources are available?


Do you or someone you know want to partner with the Cycle Breakers campaign? With so many local organizations,
initiatives and events, it’s easy to get involved.

It takes a village. Meet and engage with some of our amazing partner organizations:

  • ALSO
  • Austin Coming Together
  • Beyond the Ball
  • Center for Neighborhood Engaged Research and Science (CORNERS) at Northwestern University
  • Centers for New Horizons
  • Chicago CRED
  • Crime Drought
  • Department of Family and Support Services
  • Englewood Heroes
  • ENLACE Chicago
  • Envision Community Services
  • Firehouse Community Arts Center
  • Garfield Park Rite to Wellness
  • Gary Comer Youth Center
  • Healthy Hood Chicago
  • Imaging Englewood If
  • Institute for Non-Violence
  • Lawndale Christian Legal Center
  • Mikva Challenge
  • New Life Centers
  • North Lawndale Community Coordinating Council
  • North Lawndale Employment Network
  • Phalanx Family Services
  • Praxis Institute
  • Root2Fruit
  • Sinai Community Institute
  • South Shore Works
  • Taproots, Inc.
  • Teamwork Englewood
  • The Alliance 98
  • The Restorative Project
  • Together Chicago
  • United Way of Metro Chicago
  • Universidad Popular
  • University of Chicago Crime Lab
  • University of Chicago Medicine
  • Youth Advocate Programs
  • Youth Guidance