Digital Playbook
A guide for promoting a more consistent citywide approach for delivering high quality digital services to Chicagoans and beyond.
IT Strategy
Chicago. A Responsive City Where Technology Fuels Engagement, Inclusion, Innovation, and Opportunity for Everyone.
Chicago Digital

A collective of individuals from across city departments who are committed to delivering better government services through technology and civic design.


Department of Technology and Innovation is looking for individuals devoted to making a difference in City government.



The City of Chicago defines equity as both an outcome and a process. As an outcome, equity results in fair and just access to opportunity and resources that provide everyone the ability to thrive. Acknowledging the present and historical inequality that persist in our society, equity is a future state we strive to create where identity and social status no longer predestine life.

As a process, equity requires a new way of doing business, one that:

Racial equity focuses on the social construction of race and how it has been used (historically and presently) to unjustly distribute opportunity and resources based on a person’s skin color, heritage, ethnicity, and/or national origin. Advancing racial equity requires an analysis of systemic racism inclusive of the ways harm is created at the individual, interpersonal, institutional, and structural levels. It also requires a commitment to dismantling systems that perpetuate racialized outcomes and rebuild systems that produce systemic inclusion.