Civic Partnership & Innovation

 Civic Partnership & Innovation
The city needs ideas and engagement from the public and partners to build solutions that are more relevant and useful for Chicagoans.

Our goal is to ideate and co-create the solutions directly with Chicagoans through public engagement forums, industry roundtables, and open data initiatives. We will develop policies and key partnerships to increase our investment in broadband and connected technologies that will expand participation in the digital economy. We will also broaden and optimize our partner ecosystem to increase operational efficiency and growth for local technology companies while learning from tech leaders in Chicago.

Our goal is to foster civic innovation through public engagement, collaborations  such as Chicago Digital and the Chicago Digital Equity Coalition, and open data initiatives that leverage the city’s digital assets (e.g., open data portal). We must create opportunities to ideate and co-create solutions that are relevant, useful, and informed by Chicagoans.


Advance fuller participation in the digital economy through policy development and investment in broadband and connected technologies that enable quality of life improvements (e.g., smart lighting, Internet of things, intelligent transportation systems, etc.). Leverage partnerships with the private sector, City Colleges of Chicago, higher education institutions, peer governments, technology corporations, and non-profits to support deployment and ongoing investments in connected technologies.


Much of the city’s technology services are outsourced to external partners, including minority-owned / women-owned / small business enterprises and large corporations. This has afforded the city increased delivery capacity, access to a broad set of technologies and know-how, and opportunities to help grow the local economy.

Our goal is to expand our outreach and forums for broadening our partner ecosystem (including private sector, non-profits, delegated agencies, and educational institutions) while establishing clear, shared accountability for delivering on expected business and city outcomes.