People-First Digital Services

 People-First Digital Services
Chicagoans expect city services to be useful and equitable for everyone.

They rely on us to enable business start-ups, obtain public assistance, access books and learnings, travel efficiently, and thrive in a safe, vibrant, and culturally responsive democracy. Our goal is to meet these expectations by delivering people-centric digital services that enable residents, businesses, visitors, and other stakeholders to access services in a way that is most convenient for them. This means expanding self-service options and providing city services that are reliable, secure, easy to use, and designed to help people thrive and prosper.

Chicagoans desire city services they can obtain simply, securely, and conveniently. To meet this expectation, we must provide reliable broadband citywide, safeguard personal data, deliver mobile app/web convenience, expand self-service options, and enable access for people with disabilities and multi-lingual needs.

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City services must be designed around people’s life events not department functions. Using our recently published Digital Services Playbook as a starting point, we will encourage use of human-centered design, data and analytics, and public engagement to create proactive services that solve high-priority problems. We must strive to collaborate across city departments, sister agencies, and other government entities to connect systems and data behind the scenes and deliver a seamless one-stop-shop experience.

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To achieve our digital aspirations, we must train and empower our city staff, optimize partnerships, and strategically invest in/scale digital technologies and platforms. This entails a thoughtful and intentional evolution of core digital platforms and leading technologies, including artificial intelligence, virtual assistants, smart devices, and other innovations to improve usability and productivity for Chicagoans.

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