Secure City Assets & Data

 Secure City Assets & Data
Securing IT systems, physical infrastructure assets and data is a citywide priority to mitigate risk and maintain public trust.

To assure business continuity and services to Chicagoans, we must sustain a top-tier cybersecurity program that promotes best practices and standards. Security measures and guiding principles must be embedded in city functions and throughout the solution development lifecycle. This includes activities, such as: data classification and protection, timely upgrades, and secure testing processes. For us to be successful, we must develop a culture of shared responsibility for safeguarding Chicagoans and visitors against criminal behaviors and other security threats.

Sustain a top-tier cybersecurity program based on best practices and industry standards, including: ongoing citywide training, increased cybersecurity staffing, centralized security infrastructure, access controls, incident and threat management, disaster recovery testing, and other methods.


Securing both electronic and physical city assets and data must be a shared responsibility citywide. Security measures and guiding principles must be embedded throughout the solution development lifecycle and beyond through effective data classification and protection, secure development / testing practices, and timely software upgrades, among other activities.

Our goal is to promote a culture of shared accountability and ownership for protecting city operations and enabling reliable and secure delivery of city services.


Continually improve our processes for authenticating and authorizing users to reinforce protective measures around sensitive systems and data. Promote continuous innovation by conducting ongoing research and exploration of emerging technologies related to multi-factor and biometric authentication.