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The Trauma-Informed Centers of Care (TICC) initiative, launched in October 2020, operates and funds services provided by 5 CDPH mental health clinics and a robust network of mental health safety net providers. The TICC initiative mobilizes diverse mental health providers to expand low-barrier, trauma-informed, and integrative outpatient mental health services to Chicagoans regardless of ability to pay, immigration status, or health insurance. Providers include Community Mental Health Centers (CMHCs), Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) that receive funds to implement service delivery models that expand allowable mental health service types in community areas of focus.

About the TICC Network

The 2024 CDPH Mental Health provider network includes 41 TICC delegates. TICC providers receive award amounts ranging from $240,000 up to $480,000 to build capacity within their organization in order to increase individuals access to services at their agencies. The TICC Dashboard provides real time information about each delegate's scope and data, which includes who, where, and how they are increasing services utilizing city funds. The CDPH Mental Health Partnership and Coordination team facilitates systems coordination to identify gaps in services across the city, activates resources based on needs, connects people to care, and conducts community engagement to further increase access to services for Chicagoans. The team operates two important maps to help Chicagoans navigate mental health resources that are free, these are:

  • City of Chicago TICC Network Map: City of Chicago TICC Network (
    • Provides current TICC sites that are funded by city dollars specifically for mental health expansion. This resource provides useful filters for stakeholders to understand what city funded resources exist by community, ward, district, CPS networks, Chicago Public libraries, among other metrics.
  • CDPH's Unspoken Resource Finder: Find Mental Health Support - City Of Chicago Unspoken
    • CDPH launched the city's first ever Mental Health Awareness campaign in summer of 2022. The website provides resources to reduce stigma and includes a resource finder that lists mental health sites and services that are free across Chicago. The resource finder captures the larger network of mental health safety net providers that are available to Chicagoans and is not limited to only CDPH operated and funded sites and services. The goal of the Unspoken Resource Finder is to help Chicagoans find the care they need, when and where they need it. If someone is unable to find services, they can inquire on the website and the Mental Health Partnership and Coordination team helps them get connected.

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TICC Network Dashboard

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Find Mental Health Support

Too often, dealing with a mental health challenge is a silent, internal struggle - but it doesn't have to be. Even though the moments in which we need help the most can be the hardest ones to ask for it, you're not alone. We understand that sometimes you need a shoulder to lean on, which is why the City of Chicago is committed to supporting your mental health with the resources it takes to keep our communities well. Please click here to Find Mental Health Support in your community.

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