Monthly Digest

Last updated on 9/6/2023

The City of Chicago's Community Safety Coordination Center works alongside other City departments to compile a Monthly Digest for residents, students, delegate agencies, City vendors, and other stakeholders to ensure our priority communities are up to date on a variety of opportunities available to them.

The Monthly Digest includes information about a series of community development grants that the City of Chicago administers every year. These grants specifically support the City's goals with respect to providing decent, affordable housing, expanding economic opportunity, and serving low- and moderate-income populations. The grants span from community development, economic development, workforce development, youth, reentry, cultural programming, and senior services. 

Residents, business owners, and community leaders can also use the Monthly Digest to find information about other financial assistance programs such as webinars on how to attain a grant, workshops for applications, employment opportunities, RFPs for organizations, and more. 

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