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Walter Burnett, Jr. is a dedicated public servant and a prominent figure in the city of Chicago. With his appointment as the Vice Mayor given by Mayor Brandon Johnson, he has assumed a pivotal role in shaping the future of the city and championing the interests of its residents.

Born and raised in the Former Cabrini Green public housing in Chicago, Walter Burnett Jr. has always had a deep-rooted connection to his community. He understands the challenges faced by its residents and has committed his career to making a positive impact.

Walter Burnett Jr.’s journey in public service began when he was elected as Alderman of the 27th Ward in 1995, he is now the dean of the city council with almost 30 years of service. Over the years, he has become renowned for his dedication to community development, affordable housing, and economic revitalization. His visionary leadership has contributed significantly to the growth and progress of Chicago.

As Vice Mayor, Walter Burnett Jr. brings his extensive experience and expertise to the forefront. He works tirelessly to foster collaboration among city officials, community leaders, and residents to address pressing issues, drive innovation, and implement policies that promote inclusivity and equitable opportunities for all Chicagoans.

Beyond his political endeavors, Walter Burnett Jr. is deeply involved in his church as a deacon and various community organizations and initiatives. He actively supports educational programs, youth mentorship, job training initiatives and returning residents, recognizing the importance of investing in the city’s future generations.

With his down -to-earth approach and unwavering dedication to public service, Walter Burnett Jr. continues to be a trusted advocate for the people of Chicago. As Vice Mayor, he is committed to building a stronger, more vibrant, and inclusive city for everyone to thrive in. Vice Mayor Burnett is committed to sharing his years of experience with Mayor Brandon Johnson and his administration for a better Chicago.

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