Chicago Animal Care and Control protects public safety and ensures the humane care of animals through sheltering, pet placement, education and animal law enforcement.







Operational Information:

  • Dog and Cat adoptions are available from 12 pm to 7 pm every day.
  • Lost pet searches at the facility and lost pet pickup is available from 12 pm to 6:15 pm every day.
  • CACC does not accept owner surrendered pets from non-City of Chicago residents.  If you live outside of the City of Chicago and are surrendering a pet, please contact your local animal control or humane society.
  • City of Chicago residents may surrender their owned pets or drop off stray animals found in Chicago from 12 pm to 7 pm everyday.  If you are unable to surrender your pet between these hours due to urgent circumstances, you may make an appointment by emailing  CACC will contact you back with other available times. 

CACC’s Facility:

  • CACC is a 54,000 square foot building, which houses approximately 500 animals in separate kennels.
  • CACC has a fully-equipped medical division to care for the animals.
  • CACC houses a command center for Animal Control Officers and has a fleet of 18 trucks. 
  • CACC has a shelter operations division to clean, feed and care for the animals.
  • CACC has offices for the Executive Director and administrative and management staff.
  • CACC hosts off-site adoptions, microchip and vaccine clinics with the use of the Animobile van.
  • CACC hosts on-site microchip and vaccine clinics the third Wednesday of every month.


To view lost animals or animals available for adoption, please visit 


The City of Chicago is currently seeking applicants for the position of Operations Manager.  Please click here for additional information on the posting and how to apply. 


Coyote are becoming increasingly common in cities. Even in densely populated areas, coyotes maintain an avoidance of humans and potential for human-coyote interaction is low. To maintain a safe distance, homeowners are instructed to limit availability of food on their property and haze individual coyotes in the case of direct encounters. These techniques are outlined below. If followed by residents, the likelihood of coyote-human interactions or pet attacks is low and coexistence is possible. 
Coyote Tip Sheet                    For more information



In an effort to better serve Chicago’s residents and animals, Chicago Animal Care and Control is implementing new hours for all animal intake (strays and owner-surrenders). Effective December 2, 2019, CACC will accept stray and owner-surrendered animals from 12 p.m. – 7 p.m. daily. The Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Fire Department will still have 24-hour access to the facility to bring in stray animals that their officers find on duty.  CACC continues to work with partner organizations including, Lost Dogs Illinois and Lost Cats Illinois, as well as local agencies including PAWS Chicago, the Animal Welfare League, The Garrido Stray Rescue Foundation, Tree House Humane Society, Harmony House for Cats and the Anti-Cruelty Society to provide services for stray animals. For more information on these changes and how they will help CACC improve our services, click here:


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Chicago Municipal City Ordinance Chapter 7-12 - Animal Care & Control  

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