Alderman Emma Mitts

The role of an Alderman is to know the needs of his/her Ward and address those needs by connecting the people to the proper resources. No one knows better how to service the needs of the people than Alderman Emma Mitts. For the past six (6) years Alderman Mitts has built a respectable reputation and has garnered the adornment and love of the people of the 37th Ward through her hard work and dedication. Always for the under-dog, Alderman Mitts has championed the cause of uniting the people of her Ward to get things done for the betterment of the community.

Her philosophy and vision of "Unity In The Community" is designed to strengthen the community by everyone working together block-by-block and shoulder-to-shoulder. Alderman Mitts is firmly convinced that by working together, we can continue to bring positive changes in the 37th Ward. Through her commitment, the 37th Ward has improved education, reduced crime, enhanced economic development, promoted economic empowerment, provided much needed city services, provided affordable housing as well as increased senior housing in the 37th Ward.

Although the over-all quality of life has greatly improved in the 37th Ward, the new millennium has brought about some new challenges. Alderman Mitts is more determined than ever to make the 37th Ward a model ward for the rest of the city of Chicago. Alderman Mitts challenges her resident to take a more active role in their community and welcome her constituents to come see her with concerns, request and recommendations. Her open door policy is a recurring theme in her office and her transparency and availability is a rarity among city public servants.

Alderman Mitts mission to rebuild the 37th Ward is in full Bloom with her overseeing many projects since taking office. The doors of San Miguel Catholic School and the Washington Square Mall opened in 2002 followed by Ronald McNair Elementary School in 2003. The Westside Health Authority has opened its door to the community and in April 2006, The Ward will have its first Chicago Public Library. July of 2006 will see the opening of Wal-Mart in the 37th Ward and the near future looks even brighter as Alderman Mitts welcome Menards, Coca-Cola and CVS Pharmacy to the 37th Ward. This is all apart of her plan to bring economic development, job opportunities, job training and a thriving economy to the 37th Ward.

Born June 12th, 1955 in Elaine, Arkansas, Emma Mitts was just 1 of 15 children. This is where her love and understanding of the importance of family was nurtured. Academics and human rights were always important in her household and it stands to reason that Emma was one of the first African American students to integrate her high school in Barton, Arkansas graduating with honors. Emma attended Phillip County Community College (initially pursuing a career in Nursing), has taken courses in Business and Marketing from the University of Arkansas and has attended Triton College in nearby Melrose Park, Illinois.

Upon her arrival in Chicago, Emma got involved with city government. Emma was employed with the Department of Revenue as a Parking Aide then with The Department of Streets and Sanitation as an Accounting Tech II. She was then promoted to Coordinator of Special Projects with the Bureau of Street Operations, becoming the first African American Woman to hold this position. Alderman Mitts worked several years with the Mayor's Workforce Development Program, a summer jobs program that introduces young people to the workforce. Alderman Mitts was a CAPS Facilitator in the 15th District, Block Club President, a Henry Horner Boys and Girls Club Sunday-School Instructor and President of the Community Action Council (a neighborhood organization). 

Alderman Mitts was a founder of the Community Action Council serving as precinct captain, coordinator, director, vice president and president. She continues to represent this community by working with several community organizations including The New 37th Ward Democratic Organization, an organization created to help facilitate the various needs of the 37th Ward. A proud mother of a son and a daughter who are both successful products of the Chicago Public School System, Alderman Emma Mitts has resided in the same Austin community for over twenty years. Alderman Mitts is a faithful member of the1st Baptist Congressional Church for over 20 years, where The Reverend George Daniels is the Pastor.

Alderman Emma Mitts is a woman of vision, courage, integrity, compassion and a great leader. Alderman Mitts is a true Chicagoan and with the continued support of the people of the 37th Ward, will continue to move the 37th Ward forward in Unity and in Love.

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