311 Service Requests - Street Lights All Out

All open reports of street lights all out made to 311 and all requests completed since January 1, 2011.

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Description: All open reports of street lights all out made to 311 and all requests completed since January 1, 2011.The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) oversees approximately 250,000 street lights that illuminate arterial and residential streets in Chicago. CDOT performs repairs and bulb replacements in response to residents’ reports of street light outages. Whenever CDOT receives a report of a street light outage the electrician assigned to make the repair looks at all the lights in a group (16-light circuit) to make sure that all are working properly. 

If two requests regarding the same group are made within four calendar days of each other, the newest request is automatically given the status of “Duplicate (Open).”  Since the electrician will be looking at all lights in a group to verify that all are working, the “Duplicate (Open)” address will automatically be observed and repaired. Once the street lights are repaired, the status will read “Completed” for the original request and “Duplicate (Closed)” for any duplicate requests. A service request also receives the status of “Completed” when the reported lights are inspected but found to be in good repair and functioning; when the service request is for a non-existent address; or when the lights are maintained by a contractor.

Data Owner: Transportation

Time Period: January 1, 2011 to present

Frequency:  Data is updated daily

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