Datasets hosted on the Data Portal platform are readily accessible to programmers. Our Data Portal Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are open and standards based, facilitating the development of original applications.

Access Data via API

Check out the City of Chicago Data Portal API console, which allows you to experiment with API calls.

We've provided some sample queries to search for records within a dataset:

TIF Projection Reports 

post("/views/INLINE/rows.json", {"method":"getByIds","start":0,"length":10,"asHashes":true},'{"originalViewId":"zai4-r88e","searchString":"Miracle","name":"My Temporary View"}')

TIF Balance Sheets

post("/views/INLINE/rows.json", {"method":"getByIds","start":0,"length":10,"asHashes":true},'{"originalViewId":"hezc-e4be","searchString":"reimbursing","name":"My Temporary View"}')

For more about using Socrata Open Data API (SODA), please visit Socrata's Developer Site.


Create Visualizations

Here's a quick and easy way to visualize the crimes data set using open source techniques:

All you need to do is install R at and run this file.

Have more ideas? Tell us about them @ChicagoCDO or via email.

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