Bike lanes, hybrid taxis, electric vehicle charging stations and mass transit are just a taste of Chicago’s sustainable transportation options. Explore the links below to learn more about Chicago’s transportation resources and how you can use and support them.

Get Involved

  • Bicycling Ambassadors - Bike safely in Chicago with information from this public-awareness outreach team.
  • Bus and Train Tracker - Get real time arrival predictions and more for CTA buses and trains with these transit-tracking services.
  • Safe Routes Ambassadors - Learn from Chicago’s pedestrian and bicycle safety outreach team about walking and biking safety in Chicago's communities.
  • Traffic Tracker - Use this online tool to view realtime traffic information in Chicago.
  • Drive Electric Chicago - City of Chicago’s one stop shop for information on plug-in electric vehicles.

Learn More

  • Bicycling - Explore Chicago's 117 miles of on-street bike lanes, more than 30 miles of marked shared lanes, and off-street paths including the 18.5-mile Lakefront Trail.
  • Bloomingdale Trail - View plans for this former rail line to become a 3-mile-long elevated linear park and trail running through the heart of Chicago.
  • Alternative Fuels - Learn about the Green Taxi program and other ways Chicago is promoting the use of alternative fuel vehicles such as compressed natural gas, E85, propane and biodiesel.
  • Chicago Area Clean Cities - This initiative is a voluntary, locally-based coalition dedicated to encouraging the use of clean fuels and clean fuel vehicles in the Chicago metropolitan area.
  • CTA Going Green - View more information on the Chicago Transit Authority's efforts to reduce regional emissions, improve energy efficiency, increase recycling and other best practices in resource conservation.
  • Diesel Retrofit Program - Find out how the City is retrofitting a portion of its diesel-powered fleet to improve air quality.
  • Idling Reduction - Learn about Chicago's anti-idling law that limits standing of on-road diesel-powered vehicles within the City’s borders to a total of three minutes within a sixty-minute period.
  • Streetscapes and Sustainable Design - Explore the city's efforts to improve the quality and environmental impact of streets with projects like Green Alleys.


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“Chicago is a city on the move, and we must be able to move our residents with the speed and comfort that mark modern transportation.”

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