Contractor / Third Party Certification

The content on this page is meant to provide information and links to necessary services and applications for Trade Licensing, General Contractors and The city of Chicago Annual Inspection Certification program (AIC).


Trade Licensing & General Contractor

The Chicago Department of Buildings Licensing Bureau is responsible for the annual licensing of the following trades: Stationary Engineer, Crane Operator, Electrician, Elevator, Journeyman Plumber, & Mason Contractor.

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Department of Buildings Annual Inspection Certification (AIC) Program

Currently the City of Chicago AIC program is only active in the area of elevator inspections and restricted to the central business district.  Information pertaining to this phase of the program is listed below.  More information will be posted as new areas are brought online.

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Please note that the deadline for the AIC program was September 30, 2010 for the assignment of an inspector and December 30, 2010 for the report submittal instead of the date of June 30, 2010.  The AIC program has been extended to enable all participants to complete the inspection and reporting requirements.  By September 30, 2010 every building with conveyance devices in the Central Business District is required to have created a web account and assign an inspection company.   By December 31, 2010 all inspections and reporting requirements must be completed.   Any building that does not meet these deadlines will be in violation and will be referred to Administrative Hearings.