Building Permits

Permits issued by the Department of Buildings City of Chicago from 2006 to present.

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Description: Permits issued by the Department of Buildings City of Chicago from 2006 to present.

This dataset contains more than 65,000 records/rows of data and cannot be viewed in full in Microsoft Excel. Therefore, in lieu of downloading the file in .xls or .xlsx format, select CSV from the Export menu. Then, open the file in an ASCII text editor, such as Wordpad, to view and search.

The dataset contains the following fields, described below:


Number of the issued permit


Type of permit issued (For example, NEW CONSTRUCTION and RENOVATION: larger scale scope of work and include plans these also include porches and tents as well as; OTHER CONSTRUCTION: other items that require plans such as cell towers and cranes; EASY PERMIT: minor repair no plans or single trade permitting such as plumbing or ventilation or refrigeration; SCAFFOLD PERMIT: scaffolds erected for various reasons; WRECKING PERMIT: private demolition of buildings and other structures; ELECTRICAL PERMIT: major and minor electrical work both permanent and temporary; SIGN PERMIT: signs, canopies and awnings both on private property and over public way; PORCH PERMIT: new porch construction and renovation (defunct permit type porches are now issued under NEW CONSTRUCTION or RENOVATION directly); REINSTATE PERMIT: original permit reinstatements; EXTENSION PERMITS: extension of original permit when construction has not started within six months of original permit issuance).


Date the permit was paid for (date of issuance in the case of fee waivers)


Property street number


Property street direction


Property street name


Property street suffix


Actual description of work being done on the issued permit, which is printed on the permit

PIN1 – PIN10

Maximum of ten assessor parcel index numbers belonging to permitted property. PINs are provided by the customer seeking the permit since mid-2008 where required by cook county assessor’s office. Prior PIN information is from assessor data on file cleansed against the address.


Contractor type, name, and contact information. Data includes up to 15 different contractors per permit if applicable.

Data Owner: Buildings

Time Period: January 1, 2006 to present

Frequency: Data is updated daily

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