Neighborhood Services Unit

The Neighborhood Services Unit Project Managers assess City departments’ performance throughout Chicago neighborhoods, work with neighborhood stake holders to address city service issues, departments’ performance and help to facilitate potential synergies with City department programs, services and initiatives that compliment and improve neighborhood quality of life efforts. 

The Neighborhood Services Unit is available to assist with the following:

  • Coordinating with City Departments to facilitate City department/sister agency interaction and where applicable City department participation in neighborhood events and initiatives (i.e., Department of Public Health immunization/health screening and education services, Chicago Park District facilities coordination, Mayor’s Office of Special Events Coordination, CAPS, City/neighborhood service fairs, Speakers Bureau, etc.);
  • Coordinating with City departments and local Aldermen to assist in securing appropriate event or project permits when applicable;
  • Identifying neighborhood City service requests/needs, and where applicable identifying any deficiencies with the delivery of city services;
  • Working with City departments and local Aldermen through coordinated efforts to address city service requests and/or deficiencies (e.g., delivery of city services,  infrastructure issues, etc.);
  • Identifying potential synergies with City departments and programs that may compliment neighborhood events or initiatives (e.g., youth programs, supportive services, business development programs, housing and economic development programs and initiatives, etc.);
  • Assisting in the comprehensive coordination of community development and quality of life initiatives;
  • Attending community meetings to provide information about requesting city services.  Click here Request a City Speaker to enter a request for a representative to attend your community meeting;



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