Service Advocacy Unit

The Service Advocacy Unit Project Managers work closely with the Mayor’s Office, the Office of Budget and Management, City Departments, Sister Agencies and Assist Agencies analyzing and evaluating the reporting system statistical data to help establish and achieve specific performance measure by engaging the following activities:

  • Maintaining regular contact regarding programs, services and events along with evaluating system usage, tracking City services trends and analyzing system needs;
  • Providing technical assistance and direction as needed;
  • Evaluating best practices & processes, setting well-defined lists of resolutions activities and customer service goals;
  • Reviewing and comparing departmental activities with planned performance to achieve set goals for City service delivery;
  • Analyzing the efficiency and effectiveness of programs relative to the departments’ operations, and assist with the development and/or revision of program policies, procedures and review methods;
  • Identifying technical needs and facilitating training to help ensure access to the appropriate professional development programs; and 
  • Configuring regular and special reports, including, but not limited to monthly Performance Measure reports used to effectively manage resources;



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