Picture of Central Hearing Facility

Administrative Hearings-Operations

The Administrative Hearings-Operations is responsible for management of the three (3) hearing facilities.

The Administrative Hearings/Operations section is under the direction of the Assistant Manager of Administrative Adjudication. This division is responsible for overall management of three (3) hearing facility locations at:

  • 400 West Superior Street (Central Hearing Facility)
  • 2006 East 95th Street
  • 4445 North Pulaski Road

The Administrative Hearings/Operations section provide common services such as:

Customer assistance at the information counters/desks/kiosks;

Assisting customers seeking to reschedule a missed hearing by filing a Motion to Set Aside Default orders;

Assisting customers who are seeking to file a Vehicle Impoundment request for hearing;

Receiving and resolving public comments regarding customer service, customer complaints, security concerns; ("How Are We Doing Survey”)

Speakers bureau - represent the department at various CAPS, community related meetings and service fairs;

Freedom of information (FOIA) request processing in person or by email;

Liaison between city/enforcing department representatives who handle cases;

Community service program is a combined initiative between department of Administrative Hearings and Streets and Sanitation whereby respondents found liable on specific police issued quasi-criminal violations must perform a minimum of eight (8) hours work as ordered by the Administrative Law Judge. 

Provide interpreters for the deaf or hearing impaired.

Liaison to CARPLS “free” legal assistance office.

For more information, please contact: Administrative Hearings, Operations at 312.742.4747.