Environmental Safety & Consumer Affairs Hearings Division

Picture of Central Hearing Facility

The Environmental Safety & Consumer Affairs Hearings Division hears cases initiated from the Departments of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection, Health, Police, Revenue, Streets & Sanitation and Transportation. Generally, the hearings involve;

  • City recycling violations;
  • Chauffeur requirement violations (i.e., failure to renew license, illegal parking, reckless driving);
  • Complaints by elderly and mentally challenged persons living in licensed care facilities;
  • Grocery stores (i.e., selling outdated food products, false advertising, unsanitary interiors);
  • Harboring rodents;
  • Home and motor vehicle repair;
  • Obstructions of the public way; 
  • Outdated food products;
  • Overflowing garbage;
  • Public passenger vehicle operators (i.e., taxi cab and limo drivers, chauffeurs); Sale of unstamped cigarettes;
  • Sale of cigarettes to minors; and,
  • Unsanitary food businesses.

For more information, please contact: Administrative Hearings, Environmental Safety & Consumer Affairs Hearings Division, 312.742.8252 or 312.742.8253.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)