Administrative Law Judges

What is an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)?

    A: The ALJ is the person who conducts the administrative hearing and decides whether a municipal code violation has occurred and, if so, what penalty should be imposed. The Department of Administrative Hearings contracts with approximately 80 administrative law judges to conduct hearings in three facilities located throughout the City of Chicago.  Administrative Law Judges are attorneys who have been licensed to practice law in the State of Illinois for a minimum of 3 years.  They are not employees of the issuing or prosecuting city departments.

Alexander, Mamie
Alvarez, Joan
Badillo, David
Barber, Robert W.
Bell, Barbara
Bernstein, Philip
Boyle, Mark
Brabeck, Jean
Braden, Zedrick
Breashears, Karen
Cawley, Michael
Chico, Joseph
Clark, Urie
Connelly, Michael E.
Dauphin, Yolaine
Davis, Julie G.
Davis, Sharon
Dickinson, Elreta
Dudek, Michael
Eterno, David
Ex, Mitchell C.
Fitzgerald, Charles
Fleming, Dennis
Guest, Denis
Haran-King, Julie
Hemphill, Ezra
Hurse, Lonathan
Johnson, Eli
Johnson, Marcia
Kennelly, Jr., Martin J.
Kenny, Carol
Klein, Jewel N.
Lewis, Zipporah
Lombardo, Frank


Lugo, Ricardo
Lustig, Jacqueline Stanley
Lynch, Daniel
Mance, Ginger
McHugh, Eileen
Morris, Gia
Neaveill-Kramer, Heather
Nichols, Catherine
Ortiz, Melissa
Padilla, Jose
Parker, Harriet
Parry, Laura
Payne, Kyra
Plesha, Gregory
Porter, Brian
Price, Ewa
Quijano, Alfred
Quinn, Michael
Reilly, James
Repel, Robert J.,
Reyna, Ralph
Rizzuto, Donna
Roderick, Paula
Ruiz, Daniel
Samuels, Laurie
Springs, Taryn
Stewart, Rodney
Strusz, Mary Jo
Sussman, Robert
Torres-Linares, Monica
Trinkala, Leah
Walker, Rhonda
Ware, Dyahanne
Watson, Casandra
Watson, Ruth


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