The Administrative Hearings/Operations section is under the direction of the Assistant Manager of Administrative Adjudication. This division is responsible for overall management of three (3) hearing facility locations at:

  • 400 West Superior (Central Hearing Facility)
  • 2006 East 95th
  • 4445 North Pulaski 
  • Customer assistance at the information counters/desks/kiosks
  • Assisting customers seeking to reschedule a missed hearing by filing a Motion to Set Aside Default orders; (see the Department Glossary for definition)
  • Assisting customers who are seeking to file a Vehicle Impoundment request for hearing;
  • Receiving and resolving public comments regarding customer service, customer complaints, security concerns; ("How Are We Doing Survey”)
  • Speakers bureau - represent the department at various CAPS, community related meetings and service fairs;
  • Freedom of information (FOIA) request processing in person or by email;
  • Liaison between city/enforcing department representatives who handle cases;
  • Community service program is a combined initiative between department of Administrative Hearings and Streets and Sanitation whereby respondents found liable on specific police issued quasi-criminal violations must perform a minimum of eight (8) hours work as ordered by the Administrative Law Judge.  
  • Provide interpreters for the deaf or hearing impaired.
  • Liaison to CARPLS “free” legal assistance office.

The Administrative Hearings/Operations section provide common services such as:

For more information, please contact: Administrative Hearings, Operations at 312.742.4747.

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